Filing a complaint about a product or service

You can file a complaint with a seller indicating that you are dissatisfied with a product or service you have purchased and explaining why.

Your rights when a product or service is defective

If it turns out that the product or service was defective when you received it, you may have the right to

  • have the product repaired or the service troubleshot
  • receive a new, flawless product
  • obtain a price reduction
  • cancel the purchase
  • hold back payment
  • obtain damages

You cannot make all demands at once. Usually the product is repaired or you receive a new one. The seller has the right to repair the product if it would be unreasonably expensive to give you a new one.

You are not entitled to cancel the purchase and get your money back unless the defect is significant. To be entitled to damages, you must show that the defective product or service created extra expenses for you. If you want to request damages for expenses or losses, it is important that you be able to produce proof, such as a letter from your employer that your salary was reduced or a receipt from a repair shop.

You have three years to file a complaint

You are entitled to file a complaint about a product or service for three years after having received it. For some services, you have ten years. Even if the warranty is for less than three years, you have just as long to file a complaint.

File a complaint as soon as possible

It is important that you contact the seller and report the defect as soon as possible. Two months is always regarded as soon enough. Waiting longer than two months may be considered reasonable as well.

The burden of proof is on you after six months

You always have the responsibility of proving that the product or service is defective. For the first six months, it is up to the seller to prove that the defect was not there when you received the product or service. After that, it is up to you to prove that you did not cause the defect.

Klagoguiden to the rescue

Klagoguiden is a simple online tool to help you file a complaint about a product or service.

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This text has been translated from Swedish. Bear in mind that the translation may differ slightly from the original text. The source has only proofread the Swedish text.

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