A warranty states that the seller assumes responsibility for ensuring that the merchandise you have purchased will work properly and retain its quality for a certain period of time.

The terms of the warranty may not interfere with your right under the Swedish Consumer Sales Act or other legislation. For example, you always have three years to demand your money back on merchandise that turns out to have been defective when you bought it.

The seller must notify you of a warranty

The seller must give you written information about what protection the warranty provides. A warranty is valid even if issued by the manufacturer or someone else.

Your rights if the merchandise breaks down

If merchandise breaks down during the warranty period, you are entitled to demand that

  • it be repaired
  • it be replaced by other merchandise
  • you receive a discount on the price
  • the purchase be cancelled
  • you be awarded damages

You cannot make all demands at once. The most common solutions are that the merchandise is repaired or replaced. The seller has the right to repair the merchandise if it would be unreasonably expensive to replace it.

You are not entitled to get your money back unless the problem is significant. You cannot demand damages unless the broken merchandise cost you extra money.

When a warranty does not apply

A seller is not responsible for a warranty if it can be shown that the defect is due to

  • an accident that occurred after you received it
  • your having mishandled or used it incorrectly
  • your having ignored care and maintenance instructions