Distance and Doorstep Sales Act

When you shop online, by phone or outside of the seller’s business premises, you have a 14-day cancellation period.

At that point, the Distance and Doorstep Sales Act takes effect.

Agreements online, by phone, etc.

You may decide to buy a product by mail order, from a TV shop, online or from telesales. In other words, you do not see the seller in person. The law also applies if you contacted the seller originally or if you pick up a product from a shop after having entered into the agreement online, by phone, etc.

Agreements outside of the seller’s business premises

You can buy a product or service from a seller that is outside of its business premises. Business premises are stationary or moveable facilities that the seller uses either permanently or seasonally. For instance, you might buy a product or service from a door-to-door salesperson, at a Tupperware party, at a shopping mall or from a street vendor.

You must always receive information about your right to cancel the purchase

The most important sections of the law are your right to cancel a purchase and the information that you are entitled to receive. When you purchase a product or service online, by phone, etc., or outside of the seller’s business premises, the law guarantees you cancellation rights within 14 days. Such rights do not apply to agreements that you enter into outside of the seller’s business premises if the total price is less than SEK 400. Nor do they apply to purchases you make at the seller’s business premises. In other words, you do not have the legal right to cancel a purchase you made at a shop.

If you enter into an agreement online, by phone, etc., for a life insurance policy or a private individual pension, you have the right to cancel it within 30 days.

When does the cancellation period begin?

You have a certain period during which you can cancel your purchase. It starts the day after you have received the product or entered into an agreement for a service. It cannot start until you have been notified of your cancellation rights. If the seller does not inform you of your rights, you have a year to cancel your purchase.

Postage costs

If you want to cancel your purchase, you must return the product to the seller and pay the postage costs.

You can use a standard form that the Swedish Consumer Agency has designed

What happens if the business does not follow the law?

If you and the business cannot reach agreement, file a report with the National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN), which will examine the dispute free of charge. It is a good idea to save receipts, e-mail correspondence and other evidence. An ordinary court of law can also hear the dispute, but you will have to pay a petition fee and possibly legal expenses as well.

Link to ARN

You can report a seller that does not follow the law to the Swedish Consumer Agency.

Klagoguiden to the rescue

Klagoguiden is a simple online tool to help you file a complaint about a product or service.
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The entire law is available on the website of the Parliament