Online shopping

Shopping online can be convenient. You can access a wider range of products than those available where you live, you can have the products delivered to your door and prices may be lower than in the shops. There are some things you should think about so you can shop as safely as possible.

The rights you have in physical shops also apply online. You always have three years to issue a claim. This means that if there appears to be any fault with the item you have purchased, you have three years to have it repaired, receive a new one or obtain a refund. As a rule, when you buy goods over the internet within Sweden or other EU countries, Norway and Iceland you will have a 14-day cancellation right. This means that you are entitled to return the item and receive a refund during this period. The cooling-off period begins the day after you have received the item. If you have bought a service, the cooling-off period begins the day after you entered into the agreement.

Save all receipts, order confirmations, payment transfers and similar so you can show you have purchased the item and when the transaction took place. If you return a package, you can obtain a parcel number. You can use this number to trace the package if it goes missing.

Read more about cancellation rights and exceptions from cancellation rights

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Incorrect price in an online shop

If you have bought an item from an online shop and have received confirmation of the purchase, you can exercise your right to purchase the product for the stated price, but only as long as it is unclear that the price is incorrect and you have bought something in “bad faith”. An online shop is however not bound to an order if the orderer realised or should have realised that the price stated is too low.

If you and the shop do not agree that the price was clearly incorrect, you can contact the Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) to submit a complaint.

More about how to submit a complaint to the National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN)

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Purchasing from outside the EU

If you buy something from a non-EU country, the rules might be different.

About purchasing from outside the EU on the Konsument Europa website

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Pay for your online purchase

Check the different payment methods before you decide.

Paying for your online purchase 

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Buying from an individual

If you buy something from a individual you do not have the same rights as when you buy something from a company.

Buying from an individual

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