Buying from an individual

Consumer legislation does not apply to purchases between individuals. In such cases, you do not have the same rights as when you purchase something from a business.

The Sales of Goods Act applies when you buy something from an individual. The law is not non-optional, which means that you and the seller can agree to terms other than those it specifies. For example, the seller can waive liability for defective used products that you buy on an as-seen basis.

If the product is not what you expected

If you buy something from an individual, whatever the two of you have agreed to basically applies.
The product may be regarded as defective if:

  • it is different from what the seller told you
  • it is in much worse shape than the price, etc., indicated
  • the seller neglected to tell you about serious defects of which it was aware

If you have problems with a product after buying it and you and the seller are unable to reach agreement, you can contact the district court.

Reach agreement about your cancellation rights

When you buy something from an individual on or another website, you cannot cancel the purchase the same way as with a business. You and the seller must agree to any cancellation rights prior to the purchase.