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There are special rules intended to make travel easier for you if you have a disability. Before you book a package travel, it is important that you contact the operator to find out if the trip is suitable for you.

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Your rights in brief

If you have a disability, the rules intended to protect you mean that a travel operator:

  • may not deny you travel on the grounds of your disability

  • is obliged to say if the trip is suitable for you if you state that you have a disability

  • must forward your need for assistance to the party that is responsible for transportation on the trip.

If you have a disability that means that you have special needs on the journey, you should tell the travel operator this before you book package travel. The operator must inform you of how the journey is suitable for you with a disability.

Keep in mind

  • Adaptations for people with disabilities vary between different destinations. The standard abroad, especially for people with disabilities, is often lower than in Sweden.

  • Most transfer buses cannot take wheelchairs on-board. Some operators can arrange special transportation from the airport to the hotel, for example, for an extra cost.

  • Some operators can offer handicap-adapted rooms at the destination and provide information on, for example, ramps, lifts and door widths.

Report to the Swedish Consumer Agency if the rules are not followed

If you think that a travel company is breaking the rules, you can report it to the Swedish Consumer Agency.

A report to the Swedish Consumer Agency does not mean that your individual case will be investigated. However, it is important information for the Swedish Consumer Agency when they review how the companies are following the rules.

File a complaint to the Swedish Consumer Agency

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