New in Sweden: Your rights when you buy products and services

In Sweden, there are laws that protect you when you buy products and services. These laws give you the right to complain about purchases.

Complain if you are not satisfied

You can complain (reklamera) if you have bought something that does not work properly. If this is the case, you are entitled to go back to the shop and receive help. Often, you will be given a new item to replace the faulty one. You can complain in the shop up to three years after the purchase was made. Always keep the receipt (kvitto) when you buy something – this makes it easier for you to return the item.

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Option to return


Many stores offer an option to return a product (öppet köp). There is no law that entitles you to this option – ask in the shop about their own policy. If the store provides you with an option to return, you may return an item even if it is not faulty – you will then be given your money back. The product must not have been used and you must return it within a certain stated period of time.

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