New in Sweden: Plan your finances

If you are in control of your own finances, there is a lot for you to think about. Here you can read about some of the things that may affect your expenses.

Make a budget

It is a good idea to plan your finances each month. This is called a budget (budget) and it details your income and expenses. This will show you how much money you have left to spend each month. The budget is useful so that you do not buy more than you can afford to and end up with debts. Click on the link to draw up your own budget using our Budget Calculator (Budgetkalkylen) web tool.

Try the Budget Calculator (Swedish)

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If you want to borrow money

If you need to borrow money, it is important to find out which loans are available. You can then choose the loan that is most suitable for you. There is a cost involved in borrowing money. Find out which effective interest rate (effektiv ränta) the loan has. The effective interest is the amount it will cost you to have a loan during one year.

Find out more about taking out loans

Do not take a quick loan (snabblån) without first finding out how much it will cost. This is the most expensive way to borrow money. Quick loans are small loans that must be repaid within a short period of time. You can, for example, take a quick loan of SEK 10,000 by sending an SMS text message to a loan company. Quick loans have very high charges and interest rates. Quick loans are also known as microloans (mikrolån) and SMS loans (sms-lån).

Insurance helps in the event of accidents

Insurance (försäkring) is an agreement with an insurance company. This agreement entitles you to compensation if something you own becomes broken or stolen. Your possessions could, for example, be destroyed in a fire or traffic accident. It is important to take out insurance to cover yourself, your home and other valuable items.

Find out more about home insurance

Sending money to another country

Do you want to send money to another country? If so, we recommend you use the Money from Sweden website. This is an internet service provided by Konsumentverket, and it enables you to compare what it will cost to send money to other countries.

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