If you do not pay your electricity bill

If you do not pay your electricity bill, you risk having your electricity cut off

First of all, not paying your electricity bill can cost you more money. You might receive reminder fees, interest on arrears and debt collection notices. It seldom gets to the point that the electricity is cut off.

However, if your missed payment is viewed as a serious breach of contract, your electricity can be disconnected. Before the company can disconnect your electricity, they must follow the Swedish Electricity Act. If the company has failed in this respect, or if there were insufficient grounds to disconnect the electricity, you might be entitled to compensation if you have suffered damage from the disconnection.

If the electricity company has begun the disconnection process, you will have to pay for any reasonable costs incurred, provided there has been a serious breach of contract.

If you disagree with the company in question, you should contest the demand in writing as soon as possible. In the objection, state the reasons for your objection, i.e., why you believe the demand is incorrect.

The electricity company is responsible for ensuring that the disconnection process follows the regulations in the Swedish Electricity Act, even if the electricity company has employed a representative such as a debt collection agency.

Disconnection as a result of a payment default may only take place for payment defaults to the electricity company.

Demands and disconnection

Before your electricity is cut off, you will be asked to pay your debt. If you still do not pay, the electricity company will issue a summons demanding that you pay within three weeks. The electricity company will also inform social services about the non-payment. Once this has been done, they may disconnect you.

If you make a partial payment before your electricity is cut off, the electricity company will conduct a new assessment.

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Help available

If you need help with your finances, you can contact your municipality’s budget and debt advisor.

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