Gift certificates and credit notes

Don’t wait too long to use a gift certificate or credit note. If the shop goes bankrupt, etc., it may not be worth anything.

What happens if the shop closes?

You cannot expect to use a gift certificate or credit note if the shop closes, goes bankrupt or changes ownership. A gift certificate or credit note is generally valid only if the old and new owners have an agreement to that effect.

Do you have the right to receive change in cash?

Ordinarily you cannot turn in a gift certificate or credit note for cash. Nor can you expect to receive change in cash if you buy something that costs less than the credit you have. A shop can make its own rules for gift certificates and credit notes.

Keep in mind that gift certificates and credit notes are valuable just the way money is. If you lose one, you cannot demand a replacement from the shop.

This text has been translated from Swedish. Bear in mind that the translation may differ slightly from the original text. The source has only proofread the Swedish text.

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