Directions for use

Whenever you buy merchandise, you are entitled to receive directions for use. The directions must include how to assemble, install, store, maintain and use the merchandise.

Lack of directions for use may be regarded as a defect in the merchandise. If the seller does not see to it that you receive directions, you have the right to return the merchandise and obtain a refund.

You have the right to receive directions for use in Swedish

Generally speaking, you can demand directions for use in Swedish. If they are not available, directions that contain familiar, understandable symbols may be good enough.

English may be acceptable sometimes

In exceptional cases, directions for use in English are acceptable. For instance, sophisticated technical and electronic devices, as well as other merchandise for a limited number of customers with specialised knowledge, do not need to have Swedish directions. Warnings and other safety information must always be available in Swedish.

This text has been translated from Swedish. Bear in mind that the translation may differ slightly from the original text. The source has only proofread the Swedish text.

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