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You can contact Hallå konsument with questions about buying goods and services, contract terms and conditions, making a complaint, purchasing with environmental considerations and many other things that you as a consumer need help with. We can answer your questions in Swedish or English.

The contact centre is open Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.
Telephone: 0771 - 525 525*.
If you are calling from abroad: 0046 771 525 525
Postal address: Hallå konsument, Swedish Consumer Agency/KO, PO Box 48, 651 02 Karlstad, Sweden
Write to us: Use our contact form to send an e-mail or letter to us.
You can also contact us via our live chat or Q&A-forum.

Contact us via live chat
Contact us via the Q&A-forum
Contact us via e-mail

Public documents

All documents received by Hallå konsument are in the public domain and may be read by anyone requesting them. Please take this into account when sending information to us. Please remember, we need your contact information to respond to you via e-mail or letter.

If you need an interpreter

If you can´t speak English and need an interpreter when contacting us, please contact an interpreter agency, or ask someone you know to translate for you. If you are unable to do this, you can contact us and we will help you.

* Calls costs approximately the same as a local call. The price varies depending on the operator you have. To find out the exact cost, please contact your telephone operator.

Get help from local consumer advisors

If the municipality where you live offers a consumer advisory service, you can also contact them for free advice.

Find out the contact details for consumer advisors in your municipality

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This text has been translated from Swedish. Bear in mind that the translation may differ slightly from the original text. The source has only proofread the Swedish text.