User manuals

When you buy an item, you have the right to a user manual. The user manual includes instructions so you can install, mount, use, store and maintain a product.

How must user manuals be supplied?

User manuals must be adapted to the specific product you have bought and be provided in written format. You often have the right to obtain user manuals in printed format, however sometimes digital formats might suffice.

For example, if you buy a computer the user manual will probably be available to read on the computer and can therefore be supplied digitally. However, if instructions are needed to start the computer these will be in or on the packaging. If the user manual is incomplete or missing, the product can be considered faulty in accordance with the Consumer Sales Act.

Read more about the Consumer Sales Act

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You have the right to obtain the user manual in Swedish

In the majority of cases you can request a user manual in Swedish. If this is unavailable, it might be acceptable if the user manual contains generally recognised and understandable symbols.

Sometimes you have to make do with English

There are exceptions where you will have to make do with user manuals in English. This applies for products with a limited customer base with specialist knowledge, such as advanced technical or electronic apparatuses. You always have the right to obtain safety information such as warning texts in Swedish.

If you and the company disagree

If you have complained to the company but still do not receive the necessary instructions for using the item, you have the right to cancel the purchase and get your money back. If the company rejects your demands, you can report the matter to the Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) to have the dispute assessed.

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