Right to exchange

Right to exchange means you can return a piece of merchandise and receive another one.

There is no law that guarantees you the right to exchange merchandise. That is up to the policy of the individual shop.

Right to exchange does not enable you to get any money back

The shop may give you a credit slip when you exchange merchandise. You can use it to buy new merchandise at the shop later on. In other words, you do not get your money back the way you would if you had the option to return the merchandise.

You have the right to demand your money back for defective merchandise

If a piece of merchandise is defective, you can demand your money back. That is not the same thing as wanting to exchange it. Contact the seller and say that you are dissatisfied with the merchandise. Explain what the problem is.

Shops often display signs that say “merchandise on sale may not be exchanged,” which is easily misunderstood. You have the right to demand your money back for merchandise on sale, just as if you had bought it at the regular price. But the shop will not allow you to exchange it.