On sale

“On sale” and other expressions that mean the same thing can lead to expectations of great offers. That’s why businesses need to be careful when using such terms.

A shop must meet certain conditions if it is to attract customers by advertising that it is running a sale:

  • The products or services that are on sale must be part of the shop’s ordinary assortment.
  • The sale must last for a limited period of time.
  • The prices must be considerably lower than what the shop normally charges for the products and services.

If you feel that a business is running a sale improperly, you can file a report with the Swedish Consumer Agency

If you bought something on sale

Shops often display signs that say “merchandise on sale may not be exchanged,” which is easily misunderstood. You have the right to demand your money back for merchandise that was on sale, just as if you had bought it at the regular price. But the shop will not allow you to exchange it.