If a company provides an incorrect price

A company has the duty to provide correct and clear pricing information. But sometimes, products may be incorrectly marked, and you cannot expect to be able to buy the product for the incorrect price.

Incorrect price in shops

You cannot demand to purchase the item for the price stated on the shelf, as you do not enter into an agreement until you have reached the checkout. However, you can choose to cancel the purchase if the marked price turns out to be incorrect.

Incorrect price in advertisements

You cannot demand to purchase a product for the price stated in an advertisement. Price information in advertisements are not binding for the company.

However, in certain cases you can receive compensation for costs incurred as a result of the incorrect advertisement, such as unnecessary travel to the shop.

Incorrect price in an online shop

If you have bought an item from an online shop and have received confirmation of the purchase, you can exercise your right to purchase the product for the stated price, but only as long as it is unclear that the price is incorrect and you have bought something in “bad faith”. An online shop is not bound to an order if you realised or should have realised that the price stated is too low.

If you and the shop disagree that the price was clearly incorrect, you can contact the National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) to have the dispute assessed.

How to submit a report on the ARN website

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Report incorrect price information  

The Swedish Consumer Agency is tasked with inspecting that companies provide correct and clear pricing information. If a company provides incorrect price information, you can report them to the Swedish Consumer Agency.

More about submitting a report on the Swedish Consumer Agency website

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