Contest an incorrect invoice

Sometimes, a company will make a mistake when they issue invoices. This means that you as the consumer can receive an incorrect invoice. There might be a mistake with the entire invoice, or with parts of it. Always start by contacting the company and calling attention to the mistake.

If you are contesting an invoice, it is important that you contact the company in writing so you can prove you have objected. You can submit your objection either by post or email. If you decide to send a letter, you can choose to send it by recorded delivery and you will receive a receipt of the delivery. Remember to save a copy of your objection.

In your correspondence with the company, state your contact details and also provide the reference number, amount and date of the invoice you believe is incorrect. Where possible, include a copy of the invoice in your correspondence – but always keep hold of the original. Also state why you do not intend to pay.

Remember that if only one part of the invoice is incorrect and you will contest it, you must still pay for the correct parts.

A template is available if you are unsure of how to word your objection.

Template for contesting invoices

You do not need to contest a reminder

If you receive a reminder for an invoice you have already contested, you do not need to contest the reminder. You only need to contest the first payment demand.

If the matter is transferred to a debt collection agency

Even if you have contested an invoice, the company may still transfer the payment demand to a debt collection agency. You will then receive a new payment demand, only this time from the collection agency. It is important that you also contest this demand in writing, ideally via email.

You are not liable to pay just because the debt collection agency is demanding money from you. Many collection agencies do not investigate the demand until the consumer contests it. The company demanding money from you must prove you are liable for the payment. You do not risk receiving black marks on your credit score just because you are contesting an incorrect demand from a debt collection agency.

If the company transfers the matter to the Swedish Enforcement Authority

The Swedish Enforcement Authority will not assess whether the demand is genuine or not. This means you can also contest demands from the Enforcement Authority. As long as you contest the demands at all levels, you do not risk receiving black marks on your credit score.

Read more about what you can do if you have received a letter from the Swedish Enforcement Authority.

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Get help from consumer advisors

If the municipality where you live offers a consumer advisory service, you can contact them for free advice on how to contest an invoice. 

Find out the contact details for consumer advisors in your municipality

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