Supplemental insurance

When you buy a television set, computer or similar product, the seller may suggest that you sign a supplemental product insurance policy. Find out what coverage you already have in order to decide whether you need such a policy or not.

Your protection under the Consumer Sales Act

You are entitled to file a complaint about a defective product for three years. Do so by contacting the seller and saying that you are dissatisfied with the product, as well as by explaining why. The seller is required to correct the defect at that point.

Terms of a warranty

Television sets, computers and similar products often come with a one-year or two-year warranty. The guarantee is not valid if the seller can prove that the defect is due to an accident or to neglect on your part.

Coverage under your home insurance policy

Find out whether your home insurance policy already provides supplemental coverage. It may be referred to as all-risk coverage.

Frequently the only difference between supplemental product insurance and the coverage provided by your home insurance policy is the deductible - what you will have to pay out of pocket in case of a claim. The amount by which compensation is reduced based on the age of the product you insure may also differ from policy to policy.

Read the terms carefully

Carefully read the terms of the policy - if you lose the product, etc., you may not be covered. The supplement to your home insurance policy also covers most of your possessions at home, not only your television sets and computers.