Used products at second-hand shops

When you buy used products at a second-hand shop, you are protected by the Consumer Sales Act. Be careful to inspect products before buying them - they are sold as-seen.

Second-hand shops sometimes sell products on consignment. Nevertheless, they are always liable to you as their customer.

A second-hand shop is liable for the quality of the products it sells

The shop is liable for all the information it provides about the quality, washability, etc., of the products it sells. If a product that you have purchased is defective, you can demand that the shop correct it or give you a discount, provided that you were not informed of the defect or could have discovered it yourself at the time of purchase.

Used products are sold as-seen

Assume that used goods may have defects. You are not entitled to file a complaint about products with defects or blemishes if the shop has clearly told you about them. Inspect each product before buying it.