Choosing a dentist

It is not always easy to decide what dentist to see. Or to figure out how much it is going to cost. Prices vary depending on the kind of dental work involved.

Sweden gives you the right to choose the dentist or hygienist you want to see. You can pick the National Dental Service or a private practitioner. Nearly all children and adolescents use the National Dental Service.

Find out how much it costs

As opposed to health care, you usually have to pay most of the bill yourself. So it’s a good idea to find out in advance how much it is going to cost. If you ask prior to the appointment, you will receive an estimated price. There is always a price list in the waiting room. Some clinics list their prices online. Prices vary from one clinic to another.

Emergency dental care costs more

Emergency dental care costs more than an appointment. Often only the most serious cases are examined and treated.

Free dental care for children and adolescents

It does not cost anything for a child under the age of 19 to see a dentist or hygienist. Some areas of the country also provide free dental care past that age.

Right to get money back

If you receive dental care in another EU country, Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein, you are entitled to get money back from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. The same rules apply as to dental care in Sweden, assuming you would have been eligible to receive it here. You have to pay out of pocket and apply for reimbursement afterwards. If you receive dental care in other parts of the world, you do not have similar rights. You have to pay the entire amount yourself.

Your rights when you need dental care

Vårdguiden 1177 provides additional information about dental care and your rights. Read about what high-cost protection covers. Compare prices and clinics. Find out what to do if you can’t afford to see a dentist.

Mer information om rättigheter och tandvård på 1177 Vårdguidens webbplats