About Hallå konsument

Hallå konsument is a national information service coordinated by The Swedish Consumer Agency. You can contact us with questions about buying goods and services, making a complaint, purchasing with environmental considerations and other things that you as a consumer need help with.

Our consumer guides will answer questions or help put you in touch with experts from other governmental authorities, consumer agencies or municipal consumer advice organisations. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for on hallakonsument.se you can reach us by phone, live chat, Q&A-forum or e-mail. 

Making everyday life easier for consumers

The purpose of the information service is to make things easier for you as a consumer. We want to give you quick and useful answers that we hope will help you make informed choices.

Here are the organisations we work with:

The Swedish Consumer Agency, The Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints, the Swedish National Board of Housing, The Energy Markets Inspectorate, The Swedish Estate Agents Inspectorate, The Financial Supervisory Authority, The Swedish Chemicals Agency, The Swedish Enforcement Authority, The National Food Agency, The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, The Swedish Pensions Agency, The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency, The Swedish Energy Agency, The Swedish Consumers' Banking and Finance Bureau, The Swedish Consumer Energy Markets Bureau, The Swedish Consumers' Insurance Bureau, Telekområdgivarna (The Telecom Advisors) and municipal consumer guidance organisations across Sweden. 

This text has been translated from Swedish. Bear in mind that the translation may differ slightly from the original text. The source has only proofread the Swedish text.